Our Mission?

A better tomorrow PERIOD

Together our team encompasses marketing skills, financial savvy, and technical expertise to serve you. We analyze your homes energy performance and create a plan with retrofits that will save you energy, pay for themselves overtime, and prioritize for your specific needs.

Our endeavors grew from strong motivations to create a healthier environment both inside your home and out. Energy efficiency lowers energy costs and reduces pollution, while increasing grid reliability and protecting health. Energy efficiency addresses many of the social determinants of health by improving housing conditions, protecting the environment, creating economic opportunities, and reducing costs for families. Reducing power plant pollution through energy efficiency improves air quality, allowing children with asthma to spend more time playing outside. Energy efficiency can improve people’s lives by protecting the health and safety of families and offering a better quality of life to communities. Saving energy saves lives.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Norton

Home Performance Engineer, CEO

phone | (859) 421-9161

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Rachel has skills in energy auditing, building science, and engineering. She has several years of experience and awareness of the home building/maintenance and energy fields. Rachel is already regularly performing audits, and good at engaging customers while on the job. She is passionate about creating better lives for people through education and energy efficiency in homes and businesses.